Mariposa St Films is a Melbourne based production company specialising in documentary. Established in 2012 in San Francisco, the company got its name from the share-house it was conceived in. In 2014, Mariposa St Films released the documentary SPOKE, which played in festivals around the world and won the Audience Choice Award at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival. Mariposa St Films is currently in production on another feature project. 



SPOKE is a 2014 feature documentary from Mariposa St Films. 

Three young commuter cyclists set out to bike from San Francisco to Orlando, interviewing crash victims, urban planners, activists and law enforcement to investigate what makes the U.S the most dangerous developed country for cyclists. Shot on location, the trio travel to each interview by bicycle, with cameras, tripods and microphones strapped to their front-racks. Carrying the stories of fellow cyclists killed on American roads, SPOKE is an adventure-tale that looks to empower users of the humble bicycle.

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Director, Camera, Editor / Em Baker
Producer, Camera / Nicholas Navarro
Camera / Alexandro Aguilar
Camera / Lauren Gardner